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Installing Mcrypt extension PHP Linux from source

Installing mcrypt Linux howto guide. Guide for Red Hat 5 CentOS 5 using PHP53 packages. Install the PHP development packages. yum install php53-devel Install the Mcrypt development packages. [..]

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Plesk ftp not working Linux.

Plesk ftp not working Linux? If you are unable to connect to ftp on your server, xinetd failing to start the service due to being unable to resolve [..]

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Howto remove Dr Web Plesk Linux

Howto remove Dr Web Plesk on Linux servers. Red Hat based package managers. rpm -qa | grep drweb | xargs rpm -e or, yum remove packages listed by [..]

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Install PHP Ioncube loader Linux

Howto install PHP Ioncube loader Linux. Download the ioncube loader to your server. x86 (32 bit). wget x86_64 (64 bit). wget Extract the archive. tar -zxf your-archive.tar.gz [..]

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Recover Plesk password Linux

If you have forgotten your Plesk admin login, heres how to recover Plesk password. Plesk 9 password recovery. cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow Plesk 10 password recovery. /usr/local/psa/bin/admin –show-password  

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Hyper V clock drift Linux

Hyper V clock drift issues Linux fix. A fix if your Linux virtual machine clock is loosing time sync, using Programmable Interrupt Timer. Modify the grub boot options. nano [..]

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Bash scripting tutorial. Bash scripting introduction Hello World!

Bash scripting tutorial 1. One of the most powerful tools to have as a Linux administrator is BASH scripting. Example 1 Simple Hello World! Create the script using [..]

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PHP info. Checking your PHP install

How to check your current PHP install using PHP info. Need to find details of the PHP installed on your server? Create a php script using the text [..]

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