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Linux Tee command examples

Linux Tee command examples. In Linux Tee is a command to redirect standard out (stdout) to a file as well as the terminal. Tee redirects to the terminal [..]

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SCP bash script

SCP bash script A SCP bash script I wrote for SCP transfer via SSH. Any explanations needed please post a comment. Have been really busy lately so haven’t done many updates so am [..]

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Disabling phpMyAdmin Plesk Linux

Disabling phpMyAdmin Plesk Linux. In the Plesk control panel I have never been able to find an option to disable it within the panel. This guide will show [..]

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MySQL monitoring script Linux. Monitor MySQL daemon.

MySQL monitoring script Linux. Linux Bash script to monitor MySQL service. Requirements are the nmap port scanner but the script will install it on first run as long as you [..]

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Bash scripting tutorial. Bash scripting introduction Hello World!

Bash scripting tutorial 1. One of the most powerful tools to have as a Linux administrator is BASH scripting. Example 1 Simple Hello World! Create the script using [..]

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