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Installing Mcrypt extension PHP Linux from source

Installing mcrypt Linux howto guide. Guide for Red Hat 5 CentOS 5 using PHP53 packages. Install the PHP development packages. yum install php53-devel Install the Mcrypt development packages. [..]

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Install PHP Ioncube loader Linux

Howto install PHP Ioncube loader Linux. Download the ioncube loader to your server. x86 (32 bit). wget x86_64 (64 bit). wget Extract the archive. tar -zxf your-archive.tar.gz [..]

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PHP info. Checking your PHP install

How to check your current PHP install using PHP info. Need to find details of the PHP installed on your server? Create a php script using the text [..]

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Upgrade PHP Linux PHP 5.3.3 with ioncube loader CentOS 5 and Red Hat 5 with Plesk control panel

Guide to upgrade PHP Linux. PHP 5.3.3 Red Hat, CentOS. 1. Remove currently installed PHP. Without Plesk. rpm -qa | grep php | xargs rpm -e –nodeps With [..]

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