ClamAV detected duplicate datbases.

ClamAV detected duplicate datbases

If you restart the clamav service and you receive the following warning or you get an email from crond after updating because ClamAV detected duplicate datbases.

[LibClamAV] Detected duplicate databases /var/lib/clamav/main.cvd and /var/lib/clamav/main.cld, please manually remove one of them

Just remove the oldest of the two files and restart clamd.

#cd /var/lib/clamav
# ls -l
total 249272
clam clam 345088 Oct 5 03:37 bytecode.cld
clam clam 26438656 Oct 17 03:16 daily.cld
clam clam 163468288 Sep 18 10:02 main.cld
clam clam 64720632 Sep 27 00:14 main.cvd
clam clam 156 Oct 17 10:00 mirrors.dat
#rm -rf main.cld 

Depending on your distro of Linux (CentOS in this example)

#service clamd restart
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